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KChrom is a registered trademark and division of Labsert group companies. We are international manufacturer and seller of Quechers kits, SPE cartridges, sample preparation chemicals and laboratory equipments. Our company is ISO 9001 registered and ISO 17034 certified.


Our group company Labsert is the first private manufacturer company of certified reference standard materials in Turkiye and started its operations in 2015. From the second quarter of 2018, manufacturing of Quechers Kits, SPE products and bulk chemicals has been carried out by KChrom according to international classifications and scopes.


Our manufacturing capacity is registered by The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) with a capacity report. Our manufacturing capacity is officially controlled by TOBB during our capacity report's currency 


Specialists of basic sciences, engineering, finance and foreign trade as well as professionals having significant experience in quality management, instrumental analysis and laboratory processes take part within the organization of KChrom.


Labsert Group Founder's Message Group Brands

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Founder's Message


In our journey during many years, we as Labsert have seen important milestones and set competitive targets. "Manufacturing Innovations for Laboratories" has been our constant motto. Today, we have delivered our products to many laboratories from several cities and countries and we have been ranked among the world’s most trusted and influential manufacturers.


When we started in 2015, all we had was a crystal clear vision and a few committed team. We have never lingered on problems and numbers at the beginning. At Labsert, our vision has been our clear goal; and now we are studying on leveraging our knowledge and capacity  as our sectoral mission.


Our mission for the future requires complete loyalty and proactive thinking. Labsert Group has always been an innovative manufacturing company in applied chemistry in our country and clarity of thought and actions of this kind will ensure that we will continue to lead by example.


But the journey isn’t complete yet, me and my team are relishing this joy of success each day and would like to do so for the rest of our lives. The next goal for us at Labsert is to improve the quality of our services and expand our product range with each passing day. I invite professionals from all related chemistry sectors to ask us their demands and go out with a solution from our company.


We dedicate our works to all people who are giving us opportunities to serve them and walking with us towards our goal.



Founder of Labsert

Labsert Group Brands

Labsert company has some registered brands which are separated according to business fields of Labsert. Each of the brands in our portfolio is a trademark of Labsert. For more information; you can visit web site of our registered brands and group companies linked below.

Labsert Chemical
Manufacturing of reference standard materials and analytical reagents.
Web Site
Pharma Genau
Manufacturing of laboratory devices and mechatronic systems.
Web Site
Manufacturing of Quechers kits, SPE cartridges and sorbent chemicals.
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KChrom is a division and trademark of Labsert Ltd.


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