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As a supplier and manufacturer of sorbent chemicals, KChrom works hard toward achieving "high customer-satisfaction" by bounding to quality management and product development studies strictly. KChrom provides adsorbent chemicals such as primary-secondary amine, magnesium sulfate, C18, sodium acetate,  sodium chloride fine chemicals, high purity compounds and research chemicals. All our products are according to the requirements of the international standards and regulations.

Raw Materials and Packaging Quality

All raw materials used for manufacturing of adsorbent chemicals are selected at high purity level depending on production field and under possible supply conditions. Temperature and humidity controls are carried out and recorded daily in manufacturing and storage areas. Low particles HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) bottles are used for product packaging.  Following completion of manufacture, bottles are made ready for shipment by being placed in suitable packages to minimize environmental effects and for extra protection.


PSA (Primary-Secondary Amine)

Particle size: 50 μm | Pore size: 70 Å | Surface area: 500 m2/g

Product No        Bottle      Pack

PSA-B-001        PP          10 gr
PSA-B-010        PP          100 gr
PSA-B-050        PP          500 gr
PSA-B-100        PP          1 kg
Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4)

Anhydrous, Free-Flowing, Dried, Purity:

Product No
        Bottle      Pack

MS-B-010          PP          100 gr
MS-B-050          PP          500 gr
MS-B-100          PP          1 kg
MS-B-500          PP          5 kg
Sodium Acetate (NaOAc)

Anhydrous, Loss on drying (120 °C):
1.0 %, Purity: 99%

Product No        Bottle      Pack

SA-B-010          PP          100 gr
SA-B-050          PP          500 gr
SA-B-100          PP          1 kg
SA-B-500          PP          5 kg
C18 Adsorbent Phase

Octadecyl bonding, 18% C Loading, Average pore size = 60Å, Surface area = 475 m2/g

Product No        Bottle      Pack

C18-B-001         PP           10 gr
C18-B-010         PP           100 gr
C18-B-050         PP           500 gr

Sodium Chloride (NaCl)

Anhydrous, Moisture: 0.05 %, Purity: 99%, pH (10%,H2O 20 oC) = 7 - 7.5

Product No        Bottle      Pack

SC-B-010         PP           100 gr
SC-B-050         PP           500 gr
SC-B-100         PP           1 kg
SC-B-500         PP           5 kg

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